Datum: 15-12-2018
Aanvang: 12:00 uur

Mini Dominican Bachata Bootcamp by Alex & Desiree
12.00 – 15.00 uur
LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced

Event Center Fokker
IJweg 1094, 2133MH Hoofddorp

Bootcamp: 40 euro
Bootcamp + Party: 50 euro

AAN DE DEUR (inschrijven tussen 11.30 en 12.00 uur)
Bootcamp: 55 euro
Bootcamp + Party: 65 euro


Alex Morel
Born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Alex Morel is known for his musical style and flavor on the dance floor.
Alex is also known for his unique and creative touch of Traditional-style Bachata. Once he began creating his own set of moves and footwork, others began to notice how much fun and exciting it could be to dance Bachata. Alex would bring the music to life by playing with virtually every beat of the music and showcasing stylish moves matched with flavor and technique.

Desiree Godsell
Born and raised in Houston, Texas, graduated from the High School of Performing and Visual arts which laid the foundation for her life in performing arts.
She specializes in salsa on2, Dominican Style Bachata.
She worked with a lot of famous people!

Alex and Desiree have teamed up to bring exciting and powerful showcases to the stage. The chemistry between them is a pleasure to witness. Their combined energy makes for an explosive performance which they have shared with dancers from all over the world.
While both Alex and Desiree are well rounded in many forms of dance the world has really embraced their interpretation of Bachata. They have undoubtedly become the leading couple representing Bachata Clasica also known as Traditional or Dominican Style Bachata.
Having already traveled all over the world teaching and performing their unique style of dance, they are also one of the top sought out choreographers in the Latin Dance Scene.
Apart from coaching and training dancers from across the globe, Alex and Desiree are also part of the official judging panel at two of the world’s most prestigious Dance Championships. Both The World Salsa Summit and The Bachatea World Masters in Madrid have invited Alex and Desiree to serve as judges in 2016.
Alex and Desiree continue to share their knowledge and passion for dance with the globe!

Recognition & Accomplishments
2011 1st Place – NY Salsa Congress Bachata Championship (Caribbean Soul)
2013 Awarded Best Social Dancer – San Francisco Bachata Festival
2nd Place – Bachatea World Masters in Madrid (Caribbean Soul Team Division)
1st Place – Bachatu Festival (Alex & Desiree)
1st Place – Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress (Couples Heat Division)
1st Place – Canada Salsa & Bachata Congress (Caribbean Soul, Team Division)
Awarded #1 Instructor – San Francisco Bachata Festival
Judges at the World Salsa Summit
Judges at the Bachatea World Masters